BRISK JoyRide Tour

What better way to experience the dazzle and twinkle of  Scottsdale's Old Town than like a local. Cruise through Scottsdale’s Old Town highlighting six (6) Districts in an open-air golf cart with a professional local guide. Experience Historic Sites, Internationally known Galleries, 5th Ave Shopping District, Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall, Public & Private Art, South Bridge and the Waterfront. Our guide will air drop candid photos. Golf carts seat: 1 to 5 guests comfortably with seat belts. Time: 25 minutes Operates Between: 9:00AM-3:00PM or 3:00PM-9:00PM Price Per Cart: $45 or $55 plus tax & guide gratuity. 

Experience the twinkle of Old Town Scottsdale with a local guide. During this  55-minute  tour you and your guests will cruise through a larger area of Old Town Scottsdale’s six (6) Districts and learn about the city’s history, up-coming events, activities, international known galleries, restaurants, bars, clubs and the many local hot spots. Enjoy the desert hues, your guide will take a candid photo from one of Scottsdale's magnificent public art location. Golf carts seat: 1 to 5 guests comfortably with seat belts. Time: 55-minute tour Operates Between: 9:00AM-3:00PM or 3:00PM-9:00PM Price per cart: $65 or $75, plus tax & guide gratuity.

LOCAL Personal Driver

Interested in having a private personal driver escort you through Scottsdale’s Old Town? See a boutique, saloon, tasting room, sports bar or restaurant that interests you? Let your driver know and he/she will stop, stand by until you are ready to continue. JoyRidesAZ is the #1 golf cart company in Scottsdale and the only cart company that has been approved as a member of Experience Scottdale Visitor Bureau. Our professional local drivers will cruise through Old Town highlighting six (6) Districts restaurants, sports bars, shopping, saloons, public and private art. Golf carts seat: 1 to 5 guests comfortably     with seat belts. Time: Three (3) Hour Minimum Operates Between: 9AM-3PM or 3PM-12AM Price per hour per cart: $75 or $85 Reservations: Required Spring Training: Book now

TASTY Gelato and Instagram Tour

Celebrate the season, visit three (3) of locally owned Old Town Scottsdale’s Gelato locations and two (2) Instagram wall photos. Driver/photographer will air drop gelato and instagram locations photos. A local professional guide, will cruise through Old Town highlighting six (6) Districts restaurants, shopping, bars, public and private art in an open-air golf cart. Driver/photographer will air drop candid Instagram photos. Golf carts seat: 1 to 5 guests comfortably with seat beltsTime: One (1) hour Operates between: Noon-3:00PM or 3:00PM-8:00PM Price per person: $55 or $65, plus tax & driver gratuity.  

INSPIRATIONAL Public and Private Art Tour

With over a dozen public and private pieces of art, cruse through the City and learn from a local about the artist and and the sculpture's creative expression. Your guide will immerse  in Scottsdale's beauty, culture and. a stop for gelato! If you love art that intrigues and inspires and fuels, don't miss Scottsdale Contemporary Month.  Featuring contemporary, art-minded events and activities that span the contemporary arts (1970's - now), Scottsdale Contemporary  Month embraces film, design, architecture and the culinary arts.  From the highly acclaimed Canal Convergence interactive event along Scottsdale's Waterfront.. Golf carts seat:  1 to 5 guests comfortably with seatbelts. Time: One (1) hour  Operates between: 9:00AM-3:00PM or 3:00PM-9:00PM Price per person: $55 or $65 plus tax & guide gratuity. Minimum private booking:  2 guests

VIBRANT Instagram Tour

Visit the most iconic, picturesque sites around Old Town Scottsdale and snap some Instagram-worthy pictures.  Immerse yourself in the City’s beauty and learn about Old Town Scottsdale. Choose 6 to 8 backdrops from over 50 locations. JoyRidesAZ professional local guide and photographer will whisk you away in a golf cart and snap photos of you and your group. JoyRidesAZ's Guide and photographer will air drop over 75 candid Instagram photos. Enjoy the flexibility of a private one (1) hour or an hour  for you and your group. Choose from bright neon signs, the “rainbow hotel" succulent wall, “It’s Always Sunny in Scottsdale," Diamond Bloom sculpture, Saguaro forest and many more locations. Golf carts seat:  1 to 5 guests comfortably with seatbelts Time: One (1) hour. Operates between: 9:00AM-4:00PM. Price per person: $35 plus tax and guide gratuity. Minimum booking:  2 guests

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